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Why Infinitree?

We have more than a decade of experience creating advanced products for hot tubs manufacturers.  We create innovations that are used ON the spa, IN The spa and AROUND the spa.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you will love the Infinitree Spa Living Accessories Collection


Thoughtfully designed and made specifically for the 10 feet surrounding your hot tub, the Spa Living Collection will turn your backyard into a spa oasis.  Available in a grey-tone (Weathered Teak) or brown-tone (Woodland Oak), the clean lines and functional elements complement all hot tub brands and cabinet colors.


Infinitree knows spa living! We incorporate unique and innovative features into our products that will completely enhance the look of your hot tub space and improve the time spent both in and around it. We develop never-before-seen products like the Infinitree Privacy Screen and Bar Shelf to allow privacy OR entertaining space whenever needed


Premium materials combine with the highest build quality to create superior outdoor products that will make your hot tub space look like a million bucks!  The Spa Living Collection is not built to be the cheapest and neither will it be found in discount stores.  We have designed a specialty product, distributed through traditional dealers, to give you an elevated outdoor living space unlike any other.